Organization Financing and Operations Model

Greetings all,

The reason for this post is to get input from ADI about how you intend to operate your organizational finances and funding of ongoing missions and operations.

I’m on the lookout for an org and this question has been rolling around in my mind and gets to the heart of what i’m looking for in an organization.

How does your org plan to fund it’s stated mission goals?

Will the leadership setup missions that are directed towards the overall goals of the organization and pay members for completing those missions as individual contracts? Will members operate more like employees who’s expenses are paid for by the org or will they be paid per their involvement in an operation on a contract basis? Will profits from an org discovered mining and subsequent trade operation be handled by the organizational leadership and then reinvested back into exploration and security operations or is each division responsible for contracting resources from other divisions(trade contracting with fleet sec for protection convoys, etc)?

It may be a bit early for these questions given how much of the mechanics of the game are still unknown, but getting some idea of how the organization is leaning gives me an idea if it’s the right fit for me. Just fyi, I’ll likely be xposting posing this question on other Organization’s boards who i’m interested in as well.


Thanks for your interest in ADI!

Part of being in an exclusive org like ours entails special benefits when the PU hits. One such benefit is the ability of org members to both receive and provide financial opportunities. That is to say you will be able to receive work by helping org members in what ever task is needed, such as flying escort or moving cargo (and many many more). You will also be able to provide work by recruiting fellow members to help you on your endeavors. This also includes org wide activities that will be planned by leadership in each division.

The benefit of being in an exclusive org (unlike others that allow affiliates) is that those jobs will not be offered out to non members or affiliates providing more money making opportunities for members. Not to mention the friendships and camaraderie you will get from being in an exclusive org.

You will also receive the best training available though our certification program.

As far as specifics go, Its a bit early to divulge that, but just know there will be plenty of opportunities to make a buck.

Hope it helps!

Thanks Redskies, I appreciate the reply and understand that it’s a bit early to be trying to hammer some of those questions out. Hopefully we’ll hear more about the mission, payment mechanics and org management features soon.

See you in the Verse!