Opinion on motherboards, Processors,...

Currently having issues with my computer and planning possible replacement…

I was wandering:
Processor: I5 or I7 (I was thinking I5-6600K or I7-6700K)
Motherboard: LGA 1151, LGA 2011, AM3 or FM2 (I was thinking ASUS Z170-A LGA 1151)
Ram: DDR3 or DDR4, 32 or 64 (was told latency is an issue on DDR4)

GPU currently have a Strix GTX-970
Already have a SSD

Thanks you for your assistance

For most gaming PCs an i5 would be sufficient, but you’ll probably want the i7 for Star Citizen. Any current Skylake processor, whether i5 or i7, is going to be socket 1151 which to the best of my knowledge are DDR4-only. I haven’t researched DDR4 much but as a rule the faster memory frequency gets the higher the latency gets. Whether this actually causes gaming deficiencies with DDR4 I cannot say, but I haven’t heard so. Regardless of memory type 32Gb is more than enough and you’d be hard pressed to find a single cpu-socket motherboard that supports more. GTX-970 should be all you need if you are running 1080p.

  • I have never researched the practical effects of memory frequency vs latency and would be very curious if anyone wants to chime in.

Many here would dissagree that an i7 is that critical to Star Citizen. The main thing the i7 gives is hyperthreading, and so far as I’ve seen doesn’t benefit the game currently. Both CPUs Nylkos listed have 4 cores and are good for overclocking. Of course if the extra $125 or so isn’t a concern, why not. Maybe it will matter further down the road.

If your not overclocking an i5 non-K chip would be fine as well. They also draw less power, so less heat and noise. The boxed i5-6600 doesn’t cost much less than the i5-6600K, but you need to buy a cooler for the K while the non-K comes with a stock cooler. I’m currently running the i5-6600 on an Asus Z170-A. My GPU is my only real bottleneck (750 Ti, waiting for next gen). The air-cooled tower is 2 feet from me, but its so quiet I forget its even there.

Don’t waste your money on a non K 6600… The performance difference between the 6500 and 6600 non-K is barely noticeable and you save $30+ on the build.

Yeah, probably true. I only got the i5-6600 cause I found it on sale for $209. Otherwise I’d have gotten the i5-6500.