OODeaner Intro

Hello all I’m OODeaner, can just call me Dean RSI needed me to make it a bit weird.

I’m relatively new to Star Citizen coming over from being in arma communities since 2011 but Ive been off and on playing here since 2019. I did a very short stint in the Canadian Forces (was released to become a family members care taker) Now I work a night job and game when I can. I’m hoping to get in with fleet security and look forward to meeting everybody.


Welcome to ADI! As an Arma 3 refugee and member of fleetsec myself, I can’t wait to drop in ‘verse with you. I think you’ll find a lot of similarities in our org operations to stuff you may have seen by groups on Arma. Talk soon!

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Welcome to ADI

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Welcome to ADI! What’s your go to daily ship?

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Hi Dean!, Welcome to ADI Hope you enjoy the verse! Im also FleetSec so hope to see you soon!

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Thanks all and currently I only have the Aurora MR I havent played a ton yet, one of the reasons i wanna do fleet sec i aint much of a pilot haha

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Welcome aboard, great to have you with us in ADI Dean.

Welcome to ADI OODeaner. See you around the Verse.

Welcome to ADI 00Deaner!