Online Presence

I’ve seen a few Orgs maintaining YouTube channels with Star Citizen updates. Members discussing new planets, technologies and reviewing ships etc… developing a sort of social media ‘weight’ about their activity within the game, even at these early stages - seems like a good idea, or not?

Talk to Hav0k, Joshua, or myself about being added to the marketing team… We’ll be having a meeting sometime in the next month and come up with a complete game plan.

Back in March, we tried to get the UEE news up and running, however it fell to the ground because we didn’t have the attendances we needed. However we do have a lot more members now, so we can probably get something going.

I had a brief convo on here with Hav0k but couldn’t catch him on TS (I designed a test promo just to show what I could, what ideas I had. It is unlisted/private on YouTube)

I’ll get on TS and try and catch one of you guys. Experienced in Video editing, acting, voice overs and online management (I work for a communications/advertising agency)

Hey Archeron! I think that’d be a pretty cool idea. I’d love to see someone start doing some Star Citizen community videos. I’ve already created an ADI youtube. So, once we start the process we could probably start getting those youtube videos out there.

I’m usually on teamspeak from 1 am to 7 am your time and again during the evening your time, but I’ve been on call at work. So, I haven’t been able to get on during the evening in your time zone. That should change soon when I’m no longer on call.

Hey splint, what is / was the hope for UEE News?

I have some good equipment, for video and audio recording, as well as the experience in editing. So I would be very, very interested in participating in the videos for the ADI SC YouTube channel and/or the UEE news section. I know from chatting on TS that there are a couple of other members, some already part of marketing, who want to do the same thing. But this would best be discussed during that meeting for the Marketing team, I would think. If you could let me know when that would be I’d love to sit in on it. It may also be worth considering, in future evolution of this site, to include a podcast section. Discussing SC, other ADI activity and also a wider band of gaming news/discussion (food for thought)