One Missile to Rule Them All...

[attachment=0]StarCitizen 2015-04-17 03-39-19-46.png[/attachment]

Very literally 1 Tempest II Missile. Wave had just spawned…

Nice timing, man that HAD to feel good! TOO funny :laughing:

That’s a nice shot!

Who specifically were you aiming for?
At what Range did you fire?

I honestly have no idea. Sorry… :frowning:

and yet a gladiator can take 4 of them right to the face and not loose its shields half the time mumble grumble

Gladiators shields are right where they need to be. Theyre very well balanced. Ive been messing with it and Magic squid vs the Gladius and they are both pretty well where they should be. Not sure what the grumble is about. Ive been shot down multiple times with missles…are you talking specifics the S5?