Hey guys. After a great conversation/interview with Shepheard last night, I’m stoked to be an official member. The depth of ADI’s planning for the future is impressive, to put it mildly. The effort that has already gone into coordinating and organizing this group tells me there are some guys/gals here that have their sh$t in one sock. Having said that, I also spent some time with a small group in Blackwell’s Pub last night. I wouldn’t be surprised if that entire crowd didn’t have outstanding warrants for Felonious Mopery. My kind of guys, I tell ya. :mrgreen:

Anyway, thanks for the welcome. I hope you never need my service, but sleep easy. I’m happy to swoop in and haul your sorry, shot up butt to safety, anytime.


Welcome welcome… enjoy the fun group!


welcome hue hue hue…

Welcome and prepare for fun.