Old PC use?

Hi, so the backstory is that I bought and built a whole new PC and I’m not sure what to use my old PC, which is only a couple of years old. I already have a NAS on the local network. I would like to set it up as a home server, or maybe something I can access while travelling, or maybe set up a permanent game server (ie. Valheim, or what’s better?). Suggestions and guidance?

The Stats:

  • Case: Mid-Tower; Carbide 100R (silent) Corsair

  • PSU: 750HX Corsair

  • GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB SC2 Gaming iCX Video Card

  • MB: Z370 Aorus Gaming 7

  • CPU: Intel i5-8600k (not overcloaked)

  • RAM: DDR4-2400, 32gb, G-Skill NT

  • Storage: 3 x M.2, 500gb (960 EVO, OS), 1tb (970 EVO) and 1tb (firecude 520)


  • Intel CPU = no ECC RAM for serious server options. Maybe?

Does your home router support VPN connections?

What other services are you looking for?

You could setup a Plex media server with it. Stream your saved TV, Movies, and Music off of it.

I have an old (4 yr) router that I could use as a secondary router with VPN. Thoughts?

That’s an interesting idea. Although my NAS already supports local streaming (to some degree). How much storage should I have for a decent sized Plex server?

maybe you should have a look on unraid for a nice homeserver setup. with the mentioned hardware, you could do a lot via unraid (NAS/Storage, Docker and VMs, Offloading for transcoding videos, pleax server etc.)

It would be easier with your internet facing firewall/router, but you can do it with port forwarding or if you have business broadband with multiple ips.

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