Ohh my Gosh, Shut up and take my money...


nothing more to say…


Whoa that is an amazing setup.
How much do you think that would actually cost?

So the whole sim pit is made by Icarus? or just the screen? Tell me man my money is screaming at me to buy it! How in the blue blazes can they ship these sim pits from New Zealand and it not cost and arm and a leg?


Learn the dimensions, build the screen.
Get your own projectors.
Buy the software.
Tune it all together.


$4,000 range. yikes. still looks amazing though

simpit.co.nz/index.php/produ … us-avenger

They actually have some dimensions on their website, expensive part would be getting the projectors. They also do 270 degree versions too. :wink:


That´s a nice thing to have … kind of expensive :slight_smile:

BRB getting second mortgage.

Yes please. I need this in my life.