Obi-Wan: Hello There!

Hello guys, LkFavi here, looking forward to having lots of fun :slight_smile: I’m currently playing other games, my main one being world of warships :smiley:

Hi I let me be the first to welcome you aboard

Obi-Wan: Hello There!

LkFavi! Welcome to ADI. It was great talking to you on spectrum. I’m glad you made it to the forums. World of Warships is pretty popular, I’m sure you’ll find a few other members who play it, myself included.

Let me know if you need a wingman in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI, LkFavi! Happy to have you onboard. We play lots of other games, too. This really is a great gaming community full of friendly and knowledgeable people. If you see me around, say hi. Happy flying!

Welcome to ADI, always feel free to jump in mumble there’s people down to talk about whatever and playing and lots of other games, 3.1 should be pretty exciting you should definitely think about hopping on I’m always down the fly.

Hello LkFavi, and welcome to the ADI forums! When you’ve got a chance, make sure to jump into our Mumble server to meet people and get your onboarding. Directions to the Mumble server can be found on this page:

If you have any questions about ADI or SC in general please let us know, we’re here to help. PMs are welcome here or in Discord.