Nvidia GPU's 3D app settings Best Practices and setups

Was messing around with the 3D app settings yesterday and was wondering if someone has already optimized these settings for Star Citizen. I am running an AMD fx8350 cpu and 2 evga GTX 970 ftw’s in SLI, and the Game is on a Samsung 850 pro ssd. oh and currently running 16 gb ddr3 1600mhz Ram. I will be utilizing 32gb with Windows 10 when that’s released.

Any help here would be appreciated. thanks!

As far as I know the game is solo 2D. So switch of 3D settings. Or were you asking about rendering ? This might help:
forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic … -pictures/
Seams the data amount restricts this though now.
hope these two cents were any help…