NovatorSegador - Intoduction

Hi all, im NovatorSegador im from South Africa, been playing SC for a month now and i fell in love with it, I realy like cargo hauling, even got myself a cat. Big time league of legends and COD player, and hoping to make SC a big part of my gaming experience.

Hey Novator! I hope we get a chance to continue our conversation soon.

Hi NovatorSegador, welcome to ADI. See you in game

hi NovatorSegador, welcome to ADI. The Cat is a great ship to own, have one myself and mainly fly it.

Welcome to ADI NovatorSegador! I’m hoping in some of the next patches stability is really improves as I don’t have the guts for big cargo yet! Hope toy meet you in Mumble sometime!

yea i had a couple of cargo runs were the stability issues caused me to lose a lot of cash, as the saying goes, if you fall of a horse you get back up. Now with alien week upgraded to BMM so now i can have bigger losses when that ship comes out.

Welcome to the org NovatorSegador, hope to fly with you soon. If you happen to play modern warfare, or warzone, I would be down to run that too.
See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI! The cat is a wonderful ship. Cargo is very rewarding, though as mentioned, server stability can make it a rough go some days. But when the server is playing nice, cargo hauling is fantastic. See you in the verse!

Hi NovatorSegador, welcome to ADI glad you joined us. I also enjoy cargo hauling. I have a cat too, maybe we can do some cargo runs in the future. See you in the verse.

Awesome name and welcome to Atlas Novator as well as to Star Citizen itself! Congratulations on the Caterpillar! It’s a fantastic ship and all of us are curious to see what it’s modular side will bring when that’s released.

Hey, welcome to ADI. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. The Cat is cargo-hauling goals so congrats. I got lost in the Star Citizen experience and it was super fun. See ya around!

Yea that would be awesome, cargo hauling is fun looking into getting myself a combat fighter too, see if i can start doing bounties too

Hi NovatorSegador and welcome to ADI. Same hoping to make this game the only one I pplay when it launches.

Welcome to ADI NovatorSegador. I’m glad you joined the team.

Welcome to ADI!
I hope that you will enjoy this game together with us in ADI =)
I Hope to see you in the verse soon =)

Welcome to adi NovatorSegador ! :slight_smile:

The 'cat is a really nice ship and there are more mechanics still to be implemented (developed) that will unlock more functionality in the 'cat. things like tractor beam for instance.

Looking forward to seeing you on mumble and in the 'verse.


Work is done for the day, time to sit back and enjoy some games. Tried joining on mumble, guess permissions is still missing

Get back in and I will help you =)

ill wait in lobby

Welcome Novator, Im glad you found a place in ADI, keep checking the forums and sign up for any org ops and training that interests you. I will see you when i do.

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