hello fellow comrades my name is nova367 and I guess my rank would be a prospect member I look forward to flying, shooting, and protecting the galaxy shoulder to shoulder with you all I hope I get accepted your community was the first to approach me with a employment opportunity which I jumped on immediately thank you for takeing the time to consider me as part of you // end transmission

Hi Nova,

welcome to the org, if you not have already done, please jump-on on our mumble and discord server to become full member.

Looking forward to see you in the verse



Welcome Nova!

There’s a ton of opportunity to be part of something larger - protect the galaxy, own the commerce, explore the universe. We’re a volunteer organization, so no salary for your employment, but I promise lots of fun times, good company, and perhaps some cards against humanity hilarity.

Looking forward to seeing you online!

Hey Nova367!

I’m sure we will be flying together shoulder to shoulder soon. Hopefully in 3.0 one day? :laughing: I look forward to meeting you on Mumble!

Hello Nova,

Looking forward to seeing you around. If you play any other games you might find someone who’s interested in playing with you. Be sure to check the channels in mumble. Best wishes to you, and hopefully I’ll see you around!