Nortilus Signing in!

Hi Guys, Fresher here to ADI, and thanks for the onboarding. Have been a member of SC since 2016 and only now have I really made the effort to configure my joystick and throttle. Hope to learn more about the game with you all!

Current ship collection: Vanguard, Prospector, MSR and Talon…Should i get the Perseus or Polaris next??

Signing out


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@R0NYN hello and welcome to ADI! you got a nice little fleet, adding the Perseus would be nice, doesnt require to many crew members :slight_smile: you came to the right Org to learn the game :wink: we have lots of experienced players and the org offers an outstanding Cert program to help better train and teach you about certain aspects of the game!

see ya in the 'verse!

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Hi Ronyn,
It took me a while to configure my HOTAs after getting it and I’m still not 100% settled.They’ll no doubt change the buttons before I am. Hopefully I’ll see you in teh verse soon. Welcome to ADI.

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I’m a fan of the polaris personally. Welcome to ADI!

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Welcome to ADI @R0NYN! Looking. Forward to getting into mumble and flying with a bunch of members?

Welcome to ADI! Getting a HOTAS set up is a long process. I’ve been working on mine for a few months now, and still deciding if I like certain button bindings :slight_smile: Nice capable fleet you have, and either of your next choices will be good. See you in the verse!

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Welcome to ADI R0nyn. I’m glad you joined the team. I think you might get a good amount of use out of a good light or medium fighter, especially in ADI’s mass org ops. See you there.

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Welcome to the team Ronyn! Looking forward to seeing you out there.

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Nice meeting you too. For sure, whenever I don’t have to work, look after the kids and wife, I’ll try to jump on as much as I can. :rofl: what’s your timezone?

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UTC -5 right now.

Welcome Ronyn. Seems like with your experience in SC, I’ll be learning a lot from you. As to your next ship I may be biased, but since you asked you should definitely get the Hercules. Regards, Hercules


Welcome to ADI @R0NYN, the MSR is an excellent ship and if you ever want to take it for a flight anyone in the Org that has 1 would be more than willing to let you fly. Anyways welcome!

Welcome to the team, R0NYN! The Perseus and Polaris are great concept ships. I think it really just depends on what kind of action you’re looking to get into. Whichever ship you decide on let me know so I can be one of your crewmates!