Newegg - 1TB Seagate Hybrid Shell Shocker

Hey guys just thought I’d give you a heads up that 1 TB Seagate Hybrid drives are coming up as a shell shocker today at 10 AM PDT. I’m not sure what the price is going to be, but it’s a shell shocker so there’s a very good chance it’ll be worth your while if you’ve been looking for a high storage HD that is much faster than a standard HD. It’s a 2.5 inch drive - FYI

Link below.

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Normal price is 79.99 at newegg, 77.00 at B&H and Amazon.

Keep and eye on Amazon or B&H photo when the SS price hits, every once and a while they match, its rare, but it might be a good thing for prime members, and a better thing if you follow the Org amazon link.

Now to find a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter, which Amazon has two under $7.00 bucks (one 4.99, the other 6.99), so go though the org link for that one. Or newegg has this at 4.99, shipped free, … -_-Product


Still 5 bucks cheaper than anywhere else, but far from a “shocker”. Some days Newegg… some days…

The better bet might just be this one. … 8381-S1A2D

Which the code “EMCAPNA33” drops it to $69.99, then toss in shipping. Most of the time you need to be a email promotion’s subscriber for these codes, so keep that in mind. And since its a 3.5inch drive, no adapter is needed for most desktops. Granted, if your destination is a laptop, then the shocker is more your style.

Hey I just bought the 4 TB hd. There is a promo code you can add EMCAPNA33 that makes it $152.99 :mrgreen:

Man i remember one time i think it was newegg or tiger direct had 1 tb hds for like 5 bucks, i bought 6 and was told the price was wrong :frowning: I feel like they should have held to selling at those prices lol

Shell shocker today at $144.99 ships free.

Chance you have price rewind on the CC? Or check with the Egg and see if this somehow falls under their price matching scheme.

I saw that and was like NOOOOO!!! I just finished talking to them and they gave me $8 :smiley:

Told me it was a one time thing so watch me buy something else then be $30 cheaper the next day and they tell me " Oh sorry we already helped you once already"