Newcomer to SC and ADI

Greetings ADI community, how are you all doing?

I’ve had a Star Citizen account for some years, but I never had the hardware to reliably run it nor the time. Finally in December I managed to get a computer good enough to fly. Recently, I have had the time to join you in the verse as well. Thus, I am quite new to the game. I’m a graphic designer by trade and I am a mod in Hyndrosa’s stream, whom is a fellow member of ADI.

I am most interested in the repair and refueling aspect of the game and bombing.

Global (Siege Hearts)

Hey there Global!

Welcome to ADI! My new pc is coming soon and I am very excited for things to run smoothly again - it must make a world of difference. I am sure I will be calling you to refuel my cargo transport when I am zero fuel out in space somewhere. See you in the verse!

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Hello @iBrookes

That’s awesome, I’m sure it’ll make a world of a difference. What did you end up getting? Haha, thank you I think it will be fun being covered in fuel and making sure none of us are stranded in space. See you in the verse!

I ended up getting an i9, 3070, with 32gb ram. Massive upgrade for me as im running a 1060. I can still run the game but its 30fps most of the time

That’s a massive upgrade, you’ll definitely feel the difference. Hopefully you got it at MSRP haha.

Hey’o SiegeHearts and doing alright just another day and another dollar or so it seems. Congratulations on upgrading your PC specs to be able to delve into SC finally! Good to hear you’re helping Hyndrosa out too and if you’re new don’t be squeamish about asking questions or if you need a hand!

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Certainly, thank you for the welcome and congratulations! Sure thing, I’ve already asked a few and have had multiple members answer them. Loving the community. Hope to see you in the verse!

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See you in mumble and welcome to ADI

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Thank you for the welcome! See you in the verse and in mumble.

Welcome to ADI SiegeHearts. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to gaming with you.

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Thank you for the welcome! Likewise, see you in game. Hopefully if star citizen ever gets mead making, we can do that too haha.

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