NewBie 101

Good morning, aftrenoon, evening, one and all

My name is Jacques, callsign BadJack. French, former IRL military and actual BMS F16 driver, I am 50 'ish, happily married with a couple of (big…) kids.

I have been a space dreamer since I could read : went through Asimov, A.E.VanVogt, Phillip K. Dick, F. Herbert , P. Druillet and many more, so I guess I am still dreaming myself as a space lifer…

Let’s hope I can find this life here with you all !

Talk to you soon and…Fly safe .

let me welcome you to adi and im onboarding you now

Hey Jacques and welcome to ADI :slight_smile:

You are the 3th french guy to join this week.

I think you are joining a group with a lot of space dreamers so you will feel right at home.

Heylo BadJack, welcome to ADI.

I agree, i think we have a good number of space dreamers here. And all of them are welcome to share their dreams with the org.

Welcome to ADI BadJack! The verse is a beautiful place, we just need some more systems - not that you can’t easily get lost on these moons and one planet we have thus far! What ship or ships do you have? Looking forward to flying together in game some time - check out the ops in the forums after you’re onboarded.

Welcome to the org, BadJack! SC and ADI definitely help me fulfill the dream of playing a collaborative and immersive space sim. Looking forward to having you around.

Welcome to ADI BadJack glade to have u part of the org is u got any questions or need help with anything just ask

Hey BadJack welcome glad to hear another classic reader of sci fi’s around to discuss such with as you’re certainly in the right crowd, have a good one!

Hey BadJack,

Welcome to ADI! Glad to have you and I hope we get to be properly introduced ingame soon!

Welcome to ADI BadJack!

This game has been a dream for many of us for a long time. Glad you chosen to join us experience SC growing into what we all know it can be. See you around the verse!

Thanks for your warm greetings, Guys !

I will now have to get acquainted with a brand new breed of bird, and most of all get to program my HOTAS (Thrustmaster Cougar) so I can be in control of my flying (Lucky you… :wink: ) .


Welcome to ADI, BadJack!

Nice to see another EU member! You must have some interesting work stories, I look forward to catching up with you in game.

Welcome to the org, glad to have you here and i love space to =D, i see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI BadJack!