Hi guys, I’m Dorobo, Super keen to explore the verse alone or with friends / co-orgers… :slight_smile:
Big fan of all things space and sim. Love the idea of trying different ships and flight styles. Also discovering new things to explore dirt side.

Greetings Dorobo, welcome to the forums! If you haven’t already be sure to hop into the ADI mumble server and get your onboarding, meet with org mates, and join in group PU play. Exploration is going to be huge for sure in SC, if that’s what you are interested in, you’ll be in good company and I’m sure it’ll be exciting. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know. PMs are welcomed.

Thanks! I have done the onboarding on mumble and everyone was very friendly, I’m looking forward to hanging out and getting to know yall :wink:

Cheers! Welcome to the crew!

Hi Dorobo,

Welcome to ADI. Exploration should be one of the more interesting aspects of the game. Are there any specific ships you want to try? I know myself and a few others are happy to spawn what ships we have for people to play with in the PU. Hope to talk to you in mumble soon.

Not as of yet, Unfortunately the game is almost unplayable for me at the moment… Massive FPS lag and some interesting control issues. Hopefully a fix will come soon. I am a patient man :smiley:

Welcome Dorobo! I am always excited to find another explorer. Once you are able to get into the game and it is playable for you, we can go exploring for special locations and crash sites. We go out to the crashed Javelin pretty often and it usually a good time. You can find people talking about all of this stuff on mumble and some people will even post pictures on discord. I am looking forward to seeing you around and feel free to say hi!

Welcome to ADI Dorobo! what division you join and what ship(s) you have? jump on Mumble and hang out with us, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have, see you in the Verse’

Welcome Dorobo,

I am glad you have made into ADI! A good explorer is always helpful. :slight_smile: