New WIP: Crucible at RSI

WIP: Crucible Repair Ship

I may just get me one, for giggles. I like the idea of the variants too.

If you get one, I’ll keep ya on speed dial… I expect I may occasionally put my Carrack in places it shouldn’t have gone. :cry:

I will do my best to keep ya supplied.

I have a feeling we will have enough Crucibles to repair a bengal by the time the PU drops. :smiley:

Well our space tow trucks drivers (a.k.a., Crucible captains) better give us better service than tow trucks do today; no waiting for hours on end, we want prompt service with a smile and a free cup of coffee. :laughing:

As far as i understand the Crucible, it can only repair ships that are able to land in its hangar, or did i miss something?

nobody but CiG knows for sure right now. Until it hits the hangar, or CiG says more, everything is just conjecture.

I doubt CIG can even answer that question today and even if they did I wouldn’t believe them. Until launch everything is subject to and most likely will change (probably more than once).

If you look at any of the info posts or even the concept shots, it is clear that the Crucible it designed for repairing all sizes of ships. from fighters to dreadnoughts.