New trick for Piracing?


recently i came back from a Cargo Run with my Cutlass to Port Olisar. When i landede i noticed a Avenger hovering over the Landingfield. As i left the Ship over the Ramp he rammed his Fighter into my Pilot, killing him. When i respawned in my cabin i was thinking WTF? Accidents happen? Then i sold my Cargo off. Just in Time. Checking on my Cutlass i saw it was moving 65000 km away!

That bastard killed my by Purpose and stole my ship! I reclaimed it at once so no harm where done. I wonder if he could further use my Ship and sell my Cargo?

Anyone else encountered this so far?

On an other Occasion i was Exploring a Mine on Daymar. All the time another Player was near. When i was finished looking around and returned to my ship he shot me in the Back for no Reason. Respawned i was back in Port Olisar and i had to reclaim my ship. Good Thing is i did not have any Cargo in it. Very Annoying if the game stays like this. I hope Things like that get punished severly!

That is the difficulty about the way that things are currently set up. Considering the playable area is still relatively small, you will run into griefers somewhat often. I have seen this happen to youtube streamers during streams and other players have also mentioned that it has happened to them. This is why it is important to scope out an area and secure your ship when landing.

Once the game goes live this should be less of a concern because these actions, when performed in UEE controlled space, are illegal and will have an effect of player reputation. It will always be important to be careful about anything you do as a bad assumption or oversight could cost you assets or your life.

While these issues are unfortunate. This is a good reason to not go alone. Take a buddy with you.

It’s rare you can’t find somebody else to fly with from ADI online… Stop by mumble and go in groups, makes things safer.

I know its been a few months since the last post in this thread but.

I had a guy try something similar on my Reclaimer.
He placed his ship nose to nose with mine and punched it right into my ship , head on.
In the end, all that happened was that I got teleported on to the inside in the back of his ship.

From there I could return the favor using other means. :slight_smile:


I would love to be teleported into one of their ships. Be perfect if I caught them outside and could shoot them with their own ship’s guns. As long as we are confined in a small area, I wish they would beef up the non-existent security. Heck, I have had a ship keep attacking me as I landed at the security outpost and then keep attacking me as I walked into security.

Amen to that… :open_mouth:

Never hurts to have backup. Though with the new system you can always call for help locally and set up a beacon to act as a sort of guide to your location for any pilot(s) in the area. Admittedly if you’re under fire you probably don’t have time to hit f1, set up transport request, send it, lower wrist and keep shooting but it IS an option lol