New to Star Citizen and wanted to intro myself

Greetings all, My name is Mlixel. I am a 43 year old former active duty Marine and avid Star Citizen. I noticed in game an invitation to join this organization, so I have some to investigate this organization to see if we are a right fit for each other.

I am a disabled Marine that is usually bedridden. (Pancreas apparently hates me) I love FPS and have fell in love with Star Citizen. I just upgraded my Aurora to a Titan.

As a setup, I am running i7 7series, 16gb RAM and XFX 480 8gb OC.

I would like to be a Marine, since…well, I am a Marine, I enjoy FPS and being a Space Marine is a freakin dream.

I am running the 3.2 build and although sick, I still try to be online daily.


Welcome to ADI, mlixel! We have lots of former military in the org so you are in good company there. With 3.3.5 around the corner, there is plenty of activity going on in the org. Join us on mumble so we can get you fully onboarded at your convenience. Based on the specs you listed, SC should be running like a champ for you. As a marine, fleet security is a good option for you. Again, welcome and we look forward to getting you onboarded.

Hello . welcome aboard, once onboarded. Don’t hesitate and check our training , again goodluck and see you soon

Howdy Mlixel, and welcome to ADI! As a squid, having spent time in the gator navy, I know there is no such thing as a former Marine. Ground or Star. Welcome to the club, marine. Looking forward to seeing you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI! Looking foward to seeing you around the verse!

Welcome to the org mate, looking forward to play with ya in the future.

Hello and welcome to ADI, hope to see you in the verse :slight_smile:

Hey Mlixel, First off thank you for your service. Second Welcome to ADI, there is plenty for a space marine to do, and more in the pipe coming down. You’ll find a lot of the team is up to help out if you ever need any or to give you pointers. You’ll fit in well, and the third rule means if you need a day off you get one. Real life comes first.

Thank you all for that warm reception. I have installed Mumble, but still need to set it up. Sometimes nights are tough for me personally, so when I go down, I gotta stop in my tracks. With that being said, I will be joining everyone on Mumble and look forward to meeting all of you.

P.S. I mentioned that I was a former “Active Duty” Marine. There is scarlet and gold in my veins. I am and will always be a Marine.

Greetings mlix,

Welcome to ADI and just wanted to say thank you for your service! We have a pretty good sized group going almost every night in the PTU build 3.3.0 currently, come on by when you can in mumble and we will get you up to speed. See you in the 'verse!

Sir i want to say think you for your service we glad to have you with us on ADI, and im truly sorry bout your pancreas i hope you get better, anyways since you join us Real life comes first and when your online we will always have you back no matter what Sir, if you have any questions we will have answers for you, otherwise we cant wait till see you in the verse :smiley: