new to adi

Hello everyone, I just wanted to drop in and kinda of introduce my self im 55 single parent(old man) but still have the heart of a 24 yr old. Completely new to this and have little to no experience. i was involved in a motorcycle accident last year wich has put me in a wheel chiar for a time. during this time I got bored and built a flight / racing sim from microtech have three 32 monitors x-52 2x strike7 and mmo. lots of money spent but don’t know how to use it??? infact recently upgraded my computer to play only to stil find that its to slow??? I cant even get out of the hangar. I love this stuff but feel alittle overwhelmed and under powered???

Welcome racer1! Star Citizen is indeed overwhelming. One thing to take comfort in is that right now the game is not optimized at all. The end game will run far better than these early alpha versions do.

What are the stats on your computer? Maybe we can offer some suggestions for upgrades.