New ship prices in game



Thanks for post this. Not sure when I’ll get a chance to use it, but nice.

Sweet I’m eyeballing you Valkyrie

Whit the state of missions right now , is it realistic to try to buy any of those ship. i mean, is it atteignable between two wipes with the actual mission reward or trade system ?

In PTU they give you 5 million starting credits so you can test ship buying if you want.

As for PU buying anything up to 1 million I could see as doable with a short grind of a few hours. Maybe with daily play and a week or two of at least an hour+ a day and being lucky enough to not have a server crash while running cargo: you could pull off up to 4-5 million. but I’d say up to 1 million is easily doable for most.

I made 1 million doing simple short cargo hauls with the caterpillar. Making about 120k+ profit in under 30 minutes hauling legitimate cargo (as in NOT hauling illegal cargo/drugs) I typically haul ag supplies, distilled spirits, processed food, titanium, tungston, laranite, agricium, astatine, chlorine, iodine, and diamond. all fairly profitable and quick short distance hauls with minimal gravity/atmo to deal with. Mostly quick in and out stops which is how I like it.

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