New Recruit!

Hello All!
My name is Hikaie. New(ish) to SC and brand new to ADI! I’m typically a “trucker” type and l’m looking forward to jumping into the verse with you all!

Welcome Hikaie to ADI! Glad to meet you and lookin forward to seeing you out in the 'verse! If you’re ever looking for guys to play with make sure to check out the Mumble chat.

Hey Hikaie! If you are a trucker type boy will you be having fun. When i started what i did most was hop onto turrets of our frieght haulers or fly over watch for them. Both being luckily somewhat “boring” jobs most runs cause most people don’t try to mess with others.

Hop to see you around the Verse, and if you ever need some help just put out a message man.

Hi Hikaie and welcome to ADI. I’m also more in long term trucking or exploration. Hope to see you on the space-road :slight_smile:

Hello Hikaie,

Welcome to ADI. We always can need “truckers”. Commerce and transportation division may be the right choice for you. However you can always join us in different missions for different types of gameplay. Whatever you do with us, I m sure you will have fun and meet new friends. Don t forget to ask us your questions in mumble-discord and in the forums.

See you around here, there and somewhere in the verse.

Hi Hikaie

Welcome to ADI. I’m guessing you like the Hull series? They seem like the perfect space trucker ship. Hope to get a chance to fly with you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI, Hikaie! We have lots of space truckers in the org and I’m sure they would be happy to add you to the convoy of ships as they do their trade runs. This happens pretty frequently on mumble. Looking forward to seeing you around!

Howdy Hakaie, and welcome to ADI! Looking forward to flying some overwatch on your next commerce run. See you in the verse.

Welcome Hikaie looking foward to working with you!

Thank you all for the warm greetings!

I would love to get a Hull, but alas being new and such. Maybe one day!!

Welcome to ADI, glad to have you with us, and trucker job be fun, i really enjoy it and its really fun, if you want to know more bout trucking i can be assist to you or you can ask other people but anyways we see you in the verse :smiley:

Howdy Hikaie, and welcome to ADI! Nice talking with ya, and hope to see you in the verse!

Greetings and welcome to ADI Hikaie!

Glad to see another space trucker in the midst! I’m a huge fan of the job myself and getting cargo where it needs to go, welcome aboard and hope to see you in the 'verse soon.