New Recruit

[Ed. note: cleaned up of personal info because Keige originally posted way back in 2015. Welcome! -M1]

Hello, I have been searching for an organisation to fly with for some time now and after considering a few options ADI seems to be exactly the sort of organisation I have been looking for. Due to the nature of Star Citizen I want to fly with a squadron who are not only going to take the game seriously and work together but also shares my feelings towards piracy. I am not the best pilot in the world but I am wiling to train and work with the team. I am also open to crewing multi-crew ships if there is a need.

I currently own a Gladiator and a Vanguard, both of which I am sure can be put to good use for the organisation. I am currently in my final year of studies and working at the same time so unfortunately I won’t be able to put in as much time as I would like to, at least not this year but that will change once Star Citizen releases the persistent universe. I hope you will consider me to become a part of the team.

Look forward to seeing you on mumble!