New Recruit, Slyyy

Hi everyone

Just got back into this game and looking forward to playing with others.
haven’t ever been part of any organisation in a game so im looking forward to getting involved.

Welcome Slyyy. This is good time to get in IMO. They just updated Star Citizen Live to a pretty stable version (3.2.1) and most nights there are a dozen or so people playing in game.

When you have time, hop on our Mumble server to finish getting setup in ADI and meet a few of us. … tup-mumble

Hi Slyyy,

Welcome to ADI. As Nomedias said now is a good time to get back in, trading and mining have been rolled out in the first iterations, and other mechanics and areas are coming in this year. Hope to get a chance to talk with you soon.


Hey Slyyy,

Welcome to ADI. It was a pleasure assisting you today.

Welcome to ADI, Sorry about the yesterday , sins im few days in a place where i cant talk much, but clad you joined us. See you on mumble.

Welcome, Slyyy! This is my first major gaming community, too. It is a great place with cool people. I hope to see you around. Again, welcome to ADI.