New recruit reporting in. - Tomekk85

Hi, im 31 y/o gamer from Ukraine, who will never ever drop this habbit. I love Star Citizen, can’t wait to put my hands on 3.0. The reason why I join ADI is that I’m looking for a nice good team to play with in the verse.

Hello Tomekk85, welcome to ADI. Glad to have you on board.

Let me know if you need any help setting up Mumble or Discord. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome Tomek85,

You’re definitely in the same boat with most of us here in that we too can’t wait for 3.0! I hope you find ADI to be the organization you’ve been looking for within SC. Be sure to hop into Mumble in order to help familiarize yourself with the many players we have. I look forward to playing with you soon and once again, welcome aboard!