New Recruit, Keilsyar

Greetings ADI personnel,

I was referred to this Org by my real life friend Yusufu who has spoken to me often of this corp and the fun he has had with it. I have been a citizen for roughly 5 years but my computer was only ever good enough to run around the hanger and do some brief training in AC as well as a little racing.

My main background in gaming is extensively MMORPG since the age of 9. So nearly 20yrs. Primarily fantasy type titles such as Everquest 1&2, Guild Wars 1&2 and World of Warcraft, however I have also spent plenty of time of EVE and other such games.

My primary interests in supporting ADI would be the Exploration & Survey division with more minor interests in Mining & Salvage as well as Fleet Security. I look forward to meeting and building comradeship with like-minded individuals as community is a big part of any game for me.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Hi Kelisyar,

Welcome to ADI. Games are always better when played with other people. Hope to get a chance to talk with you soon.

Welcome to ADI Keilsyar. It was nice meeting you during your onboarding. Have fun

Welcome to ADI Keilsyar
I’m sure you will find the same fun in the org, what you friend spoke off. If you have any questions feel free to poke. See you on mumble and verse

Welcome Keilsyar!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Keilsyar!

Let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything that we can help you with.