New recruit cannot connect to mumble

Could I please get some help?

what does mumble say? are you sure you entered the correct server address etc.?


Please visit the home page, it should say speak to a recruiter in the bottom left corner, click that and send us a message… One of us will help you resolve any issues you’re having.

That is the home page I am finding. And I’m sorry I just do not see anything on there in the lower left that says talk to a recruiter. If it is there and I am just blind I greatly apologize.

And these are the instructions I am using to try to connect to mumble. … eSetup.pdf

I have double and triple, triple checked them and it still is not working.

I will continue to look for the contact a recruiter on the home page =/

They’re not on all the time… keep checking it will show up when a recruiter is on.