New PTU 2.0 patch this morning 11/25/2015

New patch is up and i’m glad to say the stability of the server is much better. we might be able to do some multi-crew now.

Stability has improved? So now we only crash every 8 minutes? :smiley:

Been trying it out this morning, it appears much more stable. (19hr+ testing now since first release)
Did have a nice 20ish minute run earlier with a shoot out on a station, it was epic (tricky part is landing before being shot down).

But word of warning when runing around on the other stations be carefull crouching / corner humping (tactically peeking around corners etc) as it has a habit of launching you 1589.9km away from the station.
Also, try to leave the starting stations proximity before engaging Q-drive (aka crusie away a bit first), Otherwise you Q drive then crash a minute or two later.