New Player Introduction NobleRuin

Hello. Wasn’t really planning on Org’ing up yet, but received an invite so did some homework. ADI values align with my own and I could use some help getting on my feet in the 'Verse. Zero interest in combat and want to establish a career in M&S or later in MSS as a medic - once I can get an Apollo and medical mechanics are fleshed out a bit.

Followed SC for a while but just started playing a week ago. So far I have managed not to die yet, but have also only done a handful of box missions. Launched last night to Hurston and after an 40 mins with not a single rock found I decided career “certification” might not be a bad idea.

Daily driver is a 315P (for delivery contracts) to put fuel in my Freelancer MAX w/ ROC.

Play time is limited to ~2 hours CEST evenings.


Welcome to ADI. I can tel you from personal experience that we are certainly in need of medical assistance from time to time. Happy to have you!

Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI NobleRuin. I’m glad you did your homework. Mining & Salvage will be a great place for you to start your career.

Great intro. Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI, NobleRuin! I’m glad you joined the team!

Hi, Welcome to ADI NobelRuin. I look forward to seeing you around. And feel free to ask questions. Alot of people around to help out!