New player intro- Hersch08

Hey yall my name is Hersch08.
I’m new to the game, just started dabbling in mining and i have a little bit of experience in dog fighting and ground / air foot assaults.

defiantly enjoying the combat side of things but making money is what keeps me going back to trying to mine. currently im working with an owned aurora mr and a rented cutty black with a roc, i had a rented prospector but the time has expired and that thing was usless with the stock lazer lol too much innert being picked up.

IRL i am a truck driver normal schedule you could prolly find me on after 16-1800 cst. im kind of a home body video games are my relaxation so a down to earth chill group is part of what enticed me to apply to ADI.

if you read till the end thank you.


Welcome to ADI, Hersch08! In a Roc or prospector, I love mining!

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yeah so far its pretty fun just dabbling in it havent really made alot tho prolly about 7k an hr unfortunately …its a little disappointing might be attributed to the filters on the rented prospector

If you’re ever looking for someone to go mining with, I also have a mole we could take out and make you some $!

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See you in Mumble!

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New here as well Hersch! So let me know if you want to meet up in the verse and talk about how to get going! I’ll keep an eye out for you on Mumble as well.

Currently have a cutty black and an prospector, so let me know if you want to try and mine together!


I’d definitely be down to meet up In verse if all goes to plan I should be off and about to get on around 16-1800 cst if y’all want to go mineing

I don’t have any owned ships rn other than the aurora so if some one has a prospector I could borrow or I can learn the mol and ride with some one it’s up to y’all I’d love to make some uec and get going on the millionaire train :steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive:

Hey Hersch, Welcome to ADI hope to fly with you soon!

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Welcome to ADI! Thanks for letting me sit in on your onboarding. Sorry that you got blown up in that ERT later that same night LOL. We’ll group up again soon.

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Might be a bit late for me as I’m europe side! But if I see you on Mumble I’ll give you a nudge!


Welcome to ADI Hersh08, glad to have you.

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Welcome Hersch08, to ADI!