New PC

So i got some advice from a friend and got these parts for my PC, just wanted throw this out for comments, or suggestions for SC requirements. I did add a 500 gig ssd.

If that is from a friend of yours I’d hate to see suggestion from somebody you don’t like…

These are VERY bad recommendations, and will probably not play the final game well.

As a general rule for a gaming PC, AMD CPU’s are a compete waste of money. Even more so when you look at simulation heavy titles like Star Citizen which require high single core speed which AMD has very poor performance in.

What do you recommend changing?

I would look at this build here which should have been in the same price range: … evel-1080p

But since Pascal has dropped I’d be looking at a GTX 1070 instead.

I already ordered my pc, based on what your saying i will prolly just upgrade in a couple years when the game comes out. It is complete though, and some pics.

Sentey PSU are very very bad, if you plan on gaming day/evenings dl during the nights and have the pc turned on for 12-24 hours or more id get a good quality psu asap.

Damn well apparently i built a shitty pc.

Long and short, yes… you would have been better off ordering a used 4 year old intel i5-2500K off of ebay and slap the gtx 970 in it.