New Noob

Hi all

As a new member i need to say a few words about myself. :astonished:
Not too experienced in gaming, but have been playing different games thru the years. :stuck_out_tongue:
The last game is Entropia and also been to do the Tom Clancy`s ghost rec. :unamused:

Did buy a plane package F7C-S Hornet Ghost and hopefully i will become a good addition to your flying crews or where i can be used :open_mouth:

IRL i am out of job atm because i lost my licence due to speeding, single with a dog(cane corso)

hi there @crazycorso glad to have you with us and had fun to talking to you in your onboarding

Hey there CrazyCorso!

A friend of mine has a Cane Corso. I do Ancient Roman re-enacting on occasion, and found out that they are descended from the ancient canis pugnax dogs that the Romans used in war. I do not know if you have trained your dog to eat barbarians, but that would be awesome, hahaha!

I like the choice you made in ship. The ghost is designed to sneak around, so maybe if I need to get small contraband somewhere I will ask you!

In case you have not already found a source of lore, here is something to work with: … zhoDE/edit

This link compiles a ton of the lore into one place that you can go over and just pick through. It will help paint a better picture of the universe, which I will see you in sometime!


Welcome to ADI, Crazycorso. If you have any question shoot me a PM or hit me up in mumble.

Hey there Corso - welcome to the ADI family!

Dont worry about being new to the game or gaming in general - there are plenty of people here at ADI who are willing to help get your questions answered.

That said - if you have any questions about the org - try to reach out to a team lead - we should be able to get you squared away very quickly.

Furthermore, I’ve been finding myself addicted to the new Ghost Recon game recently, so dont hesitate to hop on mumble and join me in game for some good fun.

Welcome again and I hope to see you around!

Hey crazycorso,

Welcome to ADI. You made a great selection and I hope you find all you are looking for here. Marine pilot, cool, I’m in Fleet Security also. I’ve found everyone here is happy to assist with any questions you may have about Star Citizen, ADI, or many other topics. I’m looking for to flights together and hope you can make it out to a flight night in the near future. You can find a lot of valuable info on our forums as well.

See you online.


Welcome to the Org crazycorso!

It was nice getting to know you in Mumble tonight. You’ll have to tell me how your new HOTAS setup goes! I’m also jelly of your black hornet.

I look forward to seeing you on flight nights and in the 'Verse!

Welcome to ADI! Looking forward to meeting you and flying with you. See you in mumble.

Hello Crazycorso,

welcome to ADI. The hornet ghost is a good ship. I hope to see his full potential in the game soon.
If you can, join us in flight night with your ship. You will have fun.

See you soon in the verse.