New Member.

Hi all,

Firstly i just want to say that on my RSI account there is an underscore in both my moniker AND handle. Moniker doesn’t seem to be much of a bother but i just want to be sure before modifying my handle if i’ll need to put ADI in it if i’m accepted or something like that.

Then, welp time for introductions. You can call me Filen i’m an 19 yo french (so please don’t blame me for my english x’) ), medecine student and i love what Star Citizen has to offer and the organization too. So I’m hoping that i’ll find what i want here (which seems to be the case so far). I’m mostly looking for exploration and trading if you wanted to know. Also as my studies are really dense in my life i’ll be away very often, but apparently that wouldn’t be a problem.

I don’t have much more to say so if you have any question about me ask i’ll answer if possible ^^.

Hey and welsome to ADI :slight_smile:

Thank you for the good talk in the lobby. Can’t wait to see you back and I hope you have a good dinner.

Welcome Filen!

ADI is great and having folks from all over the world is only going to make us stronger! Star Citizen is getting better every year, if your days are really busy it’ll be a nice break to slip into the universe when you can. But for now with the game in Alpha there’s time before full persistence and no wipes. And Rule 3 means RL > Game - as it should be!

Yeah i think i got that and that’s really great for me it’s shocking how much communities require you to offer your time (regardless the IRL) if you want to play with them (often the rp communities and i love rping in games such as star citizen x)) so yeah i’m really satisfied that i found ADI which seems to offer exactly what i need ^^ !

Welcome to the org NewFilen, hope your future onboarding goes well and I’m sure you’ll be right at home here with us!

Hi Filen,

Welcome to ADI. Its good to have you here and I hope to see you in mumble soon.

Welcome, NewFilen! Judging from your current status, it looks like we were able to help you get your handle sorted out. We have a pretty heavy Euro presence and we are used to hearing accents from all over the world. Life must be busy for you and that will not be a problem at all with us. When you do get some time away from real life, we will be here looking forward to fly around with you. See you around!

Welcome to the Org. you pick a great time to play SC =D cant wait till we see you in the verse

Welcome to Atlas Filen! Seems we’ll be flying together if you’re in the Exploration division at some point down the road or otherwise and best of luck in the Medical Field of study its a difficult one but immeasurably important :smiley:

Welcome NewFilen! Don’t worry about your studies distracting you from us and the game. We will be here when you need to put the books down.

Welcome to ADI, Filen!

You’ve chosen a great Org to join, we have an active community with a lot of EU members, and real life will always come first! I look forward to flying with you in game!