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Hello all new guy here and no I am not a pirate name is from an old movie outlaw josey whales


Welcome Aboard Outlaw!

I am Lexton one of your resident Prospects here in Atlas Defense Industries. If you do have any questions for me… please reach out to me via the PM System here on the forums as that’s the best way to reach out to me. I am conformable to answer any questions you might have about the Organization, Divisions, Star Citizen and any Technical Questions you might have.

Yeah I ran a Squadron - Jolly Rogers awhile back in the Verse. Everyone thought we were pirates :smiley: Wasn’t the case, we were a Fast Response Unit :smiley:

Again Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Outlaw!

Greetings: outlaw Josey wales is old? them I am an ancient being my self because I watched the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns when they were new and in the drive ins!


I welcome you to ADI

Captain Kern:

hi Outlawone , welcome to adi. was good to meet you in mumble today.

Welcome to ADI Outlawone,

Good to have you onboard! Which division did you join?

Bye Changenl

Hello Outlawone, Welcome to ADI, I am Marcko, look me up if you have any questions or want someone to fly with!

Welcome to ADI outlawone, this is a great place for a new player, what is it that you are looking to do most in Star Citizen when it is fully released I’m looking forward to all of the ways Fleet Security will be helping the other divisions keep us runnning.

Hello Outlawone,

It’s great you’re here. ADI is an excellent organization and I hope you feel a part of the family. Be sure to check out the website for info. The calendar page is a great place to go for, for current events and meetings. The forums are also helpful in connecting with others in the community. All the best as you get adjusted