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Hello Everyone!!! Been gaming since 1984 and by far Star Citizen is best game ever!!! minus the bugs it still beats the competition. My graphics are sweet.

Welcome to ADI! Sorry if I make you feel old, but you’ve been gaming as long as I’ve been alive :smiley: I do agree with you though, bugs and all this has got to be the best game going right now. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI! I agree completely, as I was pretty mesmerized by the depth of Star Citizen when I started. Glad to have you here, and I will see ya in the verse!

Welcome to ADI. True although sometimes the bugs can be neat to see.

Hi Manatazach, welcome to ADI. I was born that year. What did you play then?

Welcome Manatazach to ADI! Glad you chose to join us in such a spectacular game as Star Citizen. Hope to see you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI Manatazach!
Yes this is the best broken game ever!!! And yes, the graphics are amazing =) If you want some company while in the verse, make sure to get on to mumble. We are usually a bunch of players online =)
I hope to see you in the verse soon!

Welcome Manatazach! What ships are you interested in flying?

Thanks. Currently I’m flying a Black Cutlass but I don’t have a preference I Willis like to master as many as I can.

The Cutlass black is a great all around ship, decent fighting and some cargo space. Let me know if you want to test any ships I have.

Welcome Manatazach! Been gaming myself since roughly '79, started with Chainmail here.

Welcome to ADI Manatazach (for the third time). I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to playing with you again.

Thank you same here. Everyday I’m wowed by how fun this game is.

Welcome to ADI, Star Citizen is making some wonderful advances and I would love to see what SC looks like in UE5 or the StarEngine equivelant but I don’t think they will. I cannot even picture what gaming will be like 20 years from now, let alone 36 years from now.

Keep checking the forums and SIGN UP for any org operations or training that interest you.

Greetings Manatazach, Welcome to ADI. I love the graphics too. I see you are a mature player :slight_smile: Anyone remember Sundog? Enjoy the Black. There is plenty of opportunity to experience other ships and roles within ADI.

Hello Welcome to ADI, Glad you have joined us. This game is by far hands down have some of the best graphics around for a space type game. See you in the verse.

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