New Member - Howdy All!!

Hello everyone, new member here. Was contacted middle of last year by the group and wasn’t yet logged into Star Citizen, well last weekend I pulled the trigger and bought a ship package (although should have done it a while ago) so now I joined up with ADI. Which was an awesome decision by the looks of thing :laughing: :sunglasses: . So I do have a question, I already own an avenger and a Aurora ES which I’m upgrading to an LN and now I’m trying to decide if I should purchase a Freelancer or a Cutlass Black. I plan on getting on board the “Private Contract Services” division of ADI and I feel a Cutlass would be suited for that with the cargo space and the weapons that can be equipped and the tractor beam. But the Freelancer is nice also, just worried about it being too big, not sure if I need that much cargo room, it is a beast on weapons but not sure I need all of that. IDK what to do just looking for some help. Thanks in advance, really look forward to gaming with all of you and getting on Mumble this weekend to set that portion up.


Hey wCougaRw, glad you are looking to complete the onboarding process of ADI, I sent you a personal message detailing what needs to be done, please take a look and let me know if you have any issues with the rest of the steps.

Hi, and welcome to ADI. :sunglasses:

Hey there! Welcome to the Org!

First, don’t let the Division you join dictate what ship you want to buy.
(coughTotallyJoinThePCSNoBiasHere cough) :wink:
You’ll find out that you can drift between different professions here. ADI also plan loaning of ships between Org members in the full game, so you won’t get locked out of doing what you want to do just because of what’s in your hangar.

So, I would advise using REC or free flight weeks, ordering both the Freelancer and Cutlass and go for what ship you like the feel of. Always ALWAYS test fly before you buy. Once you’re set up in Mumble and Discord I bet those who own these already would be willing to join you in Crusader, to let you fly and shoot it too.

That said…

Being Private Contract Security - the money makers, the escorts (in space/on foot) and bounty collectors - all that good stuff, the PCS Division will generally lean towards smaller ships. You won’t see a Starfarer being used to hunt down a bounty I’d imagine.

So while Freelancer can still be used/useful with its big guns and hauling space, if you really did want a specific ship the Cutlass sounds like a better choice. Plus it can have prison pods mounted and can be used for dropping personnel.

Hope this helps your desicion!
My rule of thumb for when the game is released is to have a dedicated cargo hauler for money making and a personal/fighter vessel for everything else. So while I fly an Avenger right now I may very well end up getting a Freelancer / Cutlass combo unless something else like the Hulls or Reliants start to catch my eye.

Right, @CursedJester makes an excellent point: Always rent a ship using REC to fly it about before buying it. While I’ve been fortunate on my purchases without doing this, hours upon hours of research helped me make the right decisions. The fastest way to discern is to just fly the things.

That said, while I’m personally not a fan of the Cutlass, it sounds like it’ll meet your needs quite well. For a smaller ship, consider the Avenger Stalker. It’s sort of like the solo flyer’s Cutlass. An alternative might be a Reliant. It’ll be large enough to house some of the things you’ll need for those missions, allow you a second crewmate, and still be very flexible for other operations. However, it doesn’t come with the items right off the bat, so you’ll need to earn those in game and equip them later.

Just remember that you have plenty of time to decide on a ship. There’s really no rush at all to get anything yet, so just earn some REC, test some ships out for yourself, and make a purchase you know you’ll be happy with.

Final note: Keep in mind that all of these ships are in an alpha phase. Much has changed since many of us purchased our ships. Buy something based on description/concept. Current flight characteristics and loadout are subject to changing, but flying them now will give you a sense of direction CIG wants to take the ship.

Welcome aboard :slight_smile: