New member: Hankz7

Hi ADI, I’m new to SC and excited to receive an invite to join, just did that and looking forward to learning and playing with the good people of ADI.

Hello Hankz7. Have you joined into Mumble to begin the onboarding process? If not feel free to join us on Mumble and an admin can get you set up.

I have but I am getting Server connection issue

Hi welcome to the ORG and SC, what are you looking to do in the verse? Don’t be afraid to jump into mumble and ask questions.

Ahh. Ok what is the error msg?

I will like to learn almost everything there is to know

I am getting Server connect failed… server reconnecting

Looking into this error

Not sure if this will help but it is a start

Alright let me check it out

Hmm seems out dated. SO settings then network

Is this Server sittings correct?

Port: 64738
Username: Mine

Not sure if case is an issue so lowercase

Ok changing it now

Here’s hoping you can get the mic issue addressed :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI, I am sure you know some or all of this but if you get mumble open there is a audio wizard that can help alot. Make sure your input and output are what you want them to be. Well good luck hope to see you soon.

Hiyas Hank! I’ll see you soon online. I’m more a mining and trad run guy than a fighter pilot.

Welcome to ADI Hankz7. I’m glad you took the step to join the team. I look forward to seeing you in game. What division did you join?

Welcome Hankz7, good to have you with us. I hope to be flying with you before long.
See you in the verse!

thank for the welcome
I believe it ground support and i am waiting to take the certification

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