New Member Greetings - Ansron

Greetings all! I just joined this game about 4 days ago and got a special invitation to the Organization. So thanks and looking forward for many adventures with everyone!

Anyway, being a newbie to the game, there will be many things to learn and bloopers to make. Please bear with my newbishness :laughing: .



welcome ansron did you get the mumble problem fixed?

Howdy Ansron.

Welcome aboard!

@Horat, Mumble is all good now, thanks for the welcoming host.

Hey all! Please feel free to add Me in-game contact (Ansron). Looking forward to do some stuff together!

Hello, I joined up today so that makes me a newbie too. I have had the game truth be told for a long time but couldn’t run it till recently, so much has changed since I first pledged in! I don’t even know where to start in the organization either but I look forward to the good times that we will have.