New member = Dumb questions

So just got through the onboarding which wasn’t quite the waterboarding I was prepared for. Instead it was a nice talk with Red Jelly (Thank you!) and in the end he asked me if I had any questions. Ofcourse, all the questions came in mind when I disconnected and since I now don’t have a connection that can carry the massive(lol) load of Mumble, I’ll put my question(s) over here.

Divisions. When do I find out which Division I’ve been put under, when are the “tryouts” and when does certification training begin?

Stay frosty!


Hey Kill,

I will send you a PM with some additional information for you, however you were places as requested in a Combat Pilot roll.

It will take a few days to get all your permissions set up, and then you can get additional information.

Have fun.


Many thanks Gunny!

Sounds like a job interview… always think of the questions AFTER the interview is over. :cry: And of course you should always have some questions for an interviewer so as to demonstrate both your knowledge of a potential employer and interest in the position being discussed.

Your Welcome

Look for me in mumble some time over the next few days. I’m usually very active in the afternoon/evening US east time. I would be happy to take a few minutes and answer any questions that you have.

Same goes for me if you see me on mumble and need a question asked I would be happy to attempt to answer it for you or if not I can most certainly point you in the correct direction!
Welcome again!

“There’s no dumb questions, only dumb people asking.” as stated by more than one military instructor.