New Member - Dral

Hello All,
I have been following Star Citizen for a while now, just did backing and got my ship. Got an invite from you guys shortly after and happy to be able to join this Org. I am in the Army and currently deployed at this time. I am hoping to be home before the PU drops. I am looking into being a part of the Private Contract Services Group. I may not be able to do the Mumble interview until I get home, but know that I am serious about being a big part of this. Thanks again for the invite. Hope to hear from you soon.


Welcome two ADI.

Thank you for your service and welcome to ADI.

Two of my kids are also in the service (one in the Air Force, one in the Navy).

Welcome Dral! I’m a team lead with S-1 (administration) and I’m glad to see another military member join ADI! Where are you currently deployed? I’m in San Antonio and I work with Army. I’ll leave it at that :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m Navy haha)

I don’t see an application post from you in our forums. If you haven’t already, please go to: viewforum.php?f=2 and post your application. You’re already aware of the mumble onboarding so that’s great, we just need the application for some basic info before we can do mumble.

Don’t worry about getting this done ASAP as real life always comes first! Take your time and we’ll work with you to finish the recruiting process when you’re able to do so. Best of luck out there :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!