New Job idea- Hijacker

Hijacker would be a job wjere people would “steal” assets of the enemy. Examples would be; ships, planets, information, goods. They would work within the UEE law.

How might you ask? The answer is simple. Vanduul. Vanduul are the enemy of the UEE so it would be the Hijackers job to give them a bad day.

Lets say our leader wants some prestigious ships in our fleets. The Hijackers would be assigned to coordinate and plan a way to safely and effectively “steal” the ships from them.

What are your thoughts? Post below vvv

I don’t really see us needing a position like this often enough to justify having it.

Answer: No.

We’re not going to be in the business of “stealing” ships. Repurposing them maybe. But there will not be a dedicated job specifically for that. Salvagers are the closest job role we will have in that area.