New Hotas Gear, need some advice

For the first time in …my god, fifteen years, i ll make a chair with hotas and rudders. I need some advice about the brands i may use.

So far, i have listed
Saitek x65f
Saitek Rhino
Saitek x 52

Thrustmaster Warthog

CH Products Fighterstick + throttle+rudder

So, if you have some advice based on your own joystick, please share your feelings.
The look of the joystick is unimportant for me, i care above all about the feeling you have when it is in your hands.

If you have other joystick to propose, please share them too.
Money isn’t a problem either.

I ll build a light cockpit structure for placing them at the correct height.

I ve spent several hours collecting informations and was suprised by the number of peaople complaining about the poor quality of the warthog, so my side would go more on the CH products, but i m open to any good idea.

The last saitek i had in my hands was a cyborg serie, a long gone era of indestructible perfection, so i have no idea if their actual joystick are sturdy enough for me (i m 2 meter high, 100kg, and i m trained in stone and steel sculpting).

Collected some advice from several members yesterday
The force sensing joystick seems a real improvement, and high end hotas seems to have a better QA.

more research, choice narrowed to the warthog and the x65F, i m looking for someone having one for answering some questions.

I just got my x65 and love it. you can hut me up for questions here, mumble or group me.

Out of the box the X65F is better than the Warthog. Unless you’re looking to purchase an FSSB module for the Warthog it’s not really even a contest on which one to pick IMHO.

Thanks to the dozen of people i ve interrogated along the past month, x65f and combat rudder pedals ordered.

If I may ask, where did you order it?

I was under the impression that its not manufactured anymore - I would love to get my hands on one of these…

To make my intent clear, I want to join our flight activities, but have no joystick available - and I am not after cheap, but after reliable.

Dunno whether Warthog is good, but the tech inside that stick is not as good as the exterior, according to a lot of opinions I’ve found on the net. What shall be excellent is VKB Black Mamba, but these are really hard to get.

So, if the X65 is still available, I might try and get one of these.

I found mine on ebay

Thx, had a look at the bay, some on sale still. Not inexpensive.

Look around, you may find a deal

I ordered a Saitek X-65F last night from Play-Asia [url][/url].

Congrats! Are you building a self contained chair or a cockpit? If it’s a chair I’d love to see your plans and any pics.