New Guy: MVN1461

I have been in game for about 2 years now. I have been inactive for a while due to life issues. I am trying to get back into playing and relearning a lot of this game. I was with a different org but most were European and really didn’t have a lot of interaction with the group due to time zones. Since i came back on the scene i noticed that my prior org had basically stripped me of all seniority/privilege due to my absence thus I felt no real loyalty to stick with them, by the way. I’m Central USA, 42 years old. Have a real job that I am on call for 24/7. I come to play for an escape, I want zero drama. I can have fun doing just about anything in game but I lack experience. I want to log in with a bunch of like minded people, accomplish goals and dominate whatever we take on. I think I will be most useful in a transport and mining / salvage rolls.
My hanger consists of:
Ranger CV and TR
Argo SRV
Misc Razor LT1
Agis Sabre
Orion X1
Sabre Raven
Hercules Starlifter M2
Aurora MR
Tumbril Nova
Vanguard Warden
Advil Arrow
Cyclone TR
URSA rover
Drake Kraken
Dragon fly Yellowjacket
Mercury Starrunner
Titan Renegade
Apollo Medivac
Aegis Vulcan
Cutlass Black

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Welcome to the team, MVN! No drama and putting real life first are two of ADI’s three rules. It’s unfortunate you had a poor experience with your last org, but hopefully you find a home with us. I have to say that is one hell of an impressive hangar. How are you liking the Vanguard Warden? I have the Sabre currently, but I’ve been thinking of getting another fighter. Is there a single and/or two seater fighter you recommend? I fly with a keyboard and mouse so I’m willing to sacrifice maneuverability for firepower.

@Hollow1461, welcome to ADI! You have come to the right place for no drama, RL priority and Org Loyalty. You have one heck of an airfield manifest there, always awesome to see. More so as someone who’s been part of the game for a while. You’ll find that the members here are across a wide array of time zones globally, so there is always someone online and in mumble. So don’t hesitate to shout out and get in the convo with us. As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

I’m also flying with a keyboard and mouse. The warden is a great ship. I debated between it and the hurricane but I think it will be more capable for long range missions.

Welcome and nice fleet. We’re built on no drama and RL coming first so you’ll fit right in. We regularly group together for informal shenanigans, so jump on mumble and start filling up your contacts list with new friends. Looking forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI, MVM1461. Wow that’s quite a fleet you have there. If you wanted no drama you came to the right place. Hope to see you in the verse.

Hey MVN1461, as others have said, drama is not a problem here, and neither is real life conflicting with the game. We also will have a spot for you in mining as the game progresses, so I’m sure you’ll find a good spot here in ADI!

Welcome MVN1461! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Hello, MVN, welcome in our organisation. I guess each organisation grows with it’s membership structure. Here at Atlas we have plenty of older guys, that know very well what it means to handle job and family next to our own stuff. So everyone understands your position quite well.

But anyway, I wish you a fine time here and have plenty of fun

Welcome MVN,

You’ve stumbled into the best org in the verse, everything you’ve said are our basic rules, you’ll fit like a glove.

Welcome MVN! It sounds like your going to fit in just fine here!

Mvn (is that like may-vin) sounds like your gearing up for star citizen full time. Welcome to the largest exclusive org. That being said I look forward to crewing up with you some day. See toy in mumble.

sounds like this is the right org for you! Welcome in the verse! Also impressive list of ships!

Welcome to ADI MVN. Evidently, you want a lot and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There’s a lot of guys just like you hear. Come and go as you please, you’ll always be welcomed back. So many of us are in the same boat as you; we want to enjoy SC in a supportive environment with out the immaturity that dominates so many other orgs. Do you mind if I ask what org it was that you were at before? I’ve only ever been in ADI so it’s only curiosity prompt’s that question. Any ways, I look forward to running ops with you.

Aesir industries

Welcome, MVN! That is quite the fleet you have going there. As previously stated, you should fit right in. You must be looking forward to FPS mining if you haven’t attempted this already. I tried it for the first time and it was a great way to make some easy money. This is a mature group of people who want to create an optimal environment for playing SC and other games. See you around!

Welcome aboard to ADI MVN! You have a nice fleet build in progress! Make sure to take advantage of Marine training and the OP this weekend! I look forward to fighting and flying along side you!

Hey, Hollow. My apologies, that “Evidently, you want a lot” quote was meant to be, “Evidently, you work a lot,” lol. I’m glad you joined the team.

You’re in luck then Hollow as our core ruleset is that Real Life Comes First along side no drama and a level of maturity is a requirement for joining so you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Welcome to the team and congratulations on an impressive ship/vehicle list!