New Guy - EagleRonin

Hi guys, I bought SC back in 2016, havnt played since but am returning now.
Im from the UK and 32 years old with a full time job so if im not around much i’ll be working.

Look forwards to seeing you out there!


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Welcome EagleRonin! Happy to see you join the organization! Look forward to seeing you out there as well :slight_smile:

Hello EagleRonin! Welcome to ADI and welcome back to Star Citizen. It’s an exciting time to come back to the game…much has changed and much more to come. Look forward to meeting and flying with you soon. See you in the Verse!

Welcome, EagleRonin. Most people tend to come in and out of the SC universe and real life can get in the way most of the time. Glad you landed with us. When you are able to make time for the game and it is during a stable patch of the game, it helps to have people to play with to make the most of it. See you around!

Howdy EagleRonin, and welcome to ADI! Sounds like you share a common plight with most of us crazies here at ADI. See ya in the 'verse, mate!

Welcome EagleRonin! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome back to the verse and to ADI. Not only has the game changed dramatically since 16 but playing with an active dedicated org will also show how far SC has come. Glad to have you with us, look forward to flying with you soon.

Welcome to ADI, EagleRonin! I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Eagle. Game has definitely changed since 16. Feel free to ask questions if you need, there’s a lot of helpful people here, I look forward to seeing you out there with us!

Welcome to ADI Eagle. Hope to see you around mumble and out in the verse.

Welcome to ADI EagleRonin. I’m glad you’ve joined us. I look forward to running ops with you.

Hi EagleRonin, Welcome to ADI. It was nice to see you during your onboarding. If you have any questions just ask in discord or jump on mumble, you should have your access now. See you in the verse.

Thanks so much guys!

Welcome back and welcome to ADI.

Ahhhh work, the real life is strong with that entity.

Anyway, welcome to ADI!

No worries! Welcome! I bought in back in 2014 and haven’t been able to play much but I’m holding out faith for 3.6. Dive in!

Greetings, Eagle! Welcome to ADI! Welcome back to game! We understand RL commitments and that is just one, of many things, that make ADI great! See you in the Verse!

Welcome to the Org EagleRonin and don’t worry! Our guidelines state that real life comes first! When you have time just hit up a team lead or group of ADI players to run you through things if you need a hand or have questions be it here, on mumble, or in the discord servers.

Welcome to the org Eagle, see you in the verse

A belated welcome aboard to ADI EagleRonin! I have been out due to at home computer issues and real life stuff. It is great to see you as a member and hopefully Atlas will work out to be your Star Citizen home like so many of us!

Hope to see you soon in the verse!


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