New gamingchair design

A company in Norway have designed a new chair for the film Transformers. Looks kind of cool, would be nice for SC.

Another one:
You could replace the sticks with hotas…
and the ministick to use for thrusters?

Is this just concept art or is it something that is being produced?

Its produced for the oil and weapon industry, kind of heavy pricetags.

Here is one from Kongsberg Industries:

Kongsberg Master from another angle:

Here is a pic of the designstudy for the AkerSolutions chair before it was produced:
Notice the center stick.

The Dirc of AkerSolutions in the Transformers chair, he seems pleased, the Kongsberg Master in the background:

Hi not sure if this is the correct place for this, but I have been planning on building my own chair for
a substantially lower price tag. Was thinking of taking a boom chair - … r-desk/all total chair & arm extensions would be around $260 or so, alot cheaper than $500 that I have been seeing on the internet. Hope this helps those of us that are financially challenged lol !


Neither of those links work… also you’ve seen the pvc pipe thing Hav0k and I have?

Here is the corrected link sorry - … 00BLDBZ22/ no haven’t seen your setup post a pic, iam going to post one of mine soon. Oh don’t know if you ordered the prototype patches but I got mine today. Let me know what you think.


Cool I like both of those, when Iam done with mine I will be posting it online.
Like I was saying about the patches I got mine Friday 052914 so anyone that
ordered any they should be out to you soon.


I like the PVC piping. Never would think to use as framing for this situation.

Hey guys want to show you my new setup, how are you posting tried url & img & is just showing code?
Thanks for any help.


Hey guys figured it out lol! My beautiful wife built this for me & customized it, let me know what you think.


That’s pretty cool, Shadowma