New gaming rig

Hi Guy’s

a quick question maybe knows a better then me

I want to buy a new gaming rig set up as follows

Rysen 7 5700
16gb Dual 3200 MHZ ram
Radeon RX 5700XT
512GB M2

my current one is Laptop as follows
Rysen 7 3750H
16gb 2400MHZ
1,5 TB M2
Geforce 1660TI

would be worth to change or would it be a waste of money?

In terms of SC ATM, you’ll need more Ram. Worth googling and reading a bit about it. Plus the game isn’t finished yet, seriously, you might have noticed one or two bugs…
No-one yet knows what the finished requirements will be. Therefore if you’re buying for SC only, I’d wait.

I agree 32+ GB makes a difference. It did for mine. You should get Intel too, it performs better with Star Citizen.

What do you use the computer is key. If you do more then SC on it that matters.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your input

I’m aware 32GB maybe better but I also have to look on my budget there I have to get to the tower also monitor keyboard desk chair so…

I agree with ram more in SC is better but I think a high refresh rate balance it with a bit less

I play on my laptop with 16gb there I can’t go higher but SC play fluent on 1080p on high

Do you need it for anything but Star Citizen? If what you have works for now better tech will always come out and things will get cheaper. So saving a bit longer to make sure you get something that will last isn’t the worst idea.

Hey, the sytem you’re looking at with the exception of the ram is the same that I have and SC runs perfectly. I also have a 100mb bb connection which may add to stability but I very very rarely crash or see reduced frame rates.
I have a 1440p 32" screen and a second monitor which is insignificant but very handy for mumble, headtrack app, voice attack and a Chrome Window.

Randomly, My keyboard broke a few weeks ago (I’ve since managed to fix it) and to get me through a weekend I bought a ‘trust’ keyboard off of amazon. It was the cheapest keyboard on there at the time. It worked perfect and while it didn’t have all the bells and whistles that my G910 has, it was fine to use. I also sit on a back breaking old dinning chair which my other half has nicknamed ‘The rack’. I’m now looking to buy a Aeron size B.
Anyway, my point is get the 32GB of RAM now then upgrade the keyboard, mouse, chair, monitor and whatever else in future. that’s what I did and I’ve bought most of my stuff second hand and they’ve been real bargins.

Personally, I got the PC then a bunch of things that I had laying around. I’ve then uprgaded my monitor, mouse, keyboard, desk, headtracking, headphones and next the chair one by one. It’s given me time to appreciate what I have, think about what I want then reseach and explore before comitting to buy anything.

If you Google the Ram for SC then you might be surprised at how much difference people are sayign that it’s making.

Ask in the discord ‘tech talk’ too.

Good luck!

Depending on picky you are, Intel still runs SC better than AMD. If you are not picky and on a budget, AMD is the way to go. I currently have an AMD and my experience is decent especially after the RAM upgrade to 32G but my next will be an Intel.

This is a gaming focused system correct?

I’ll add my emphasis that 32GB ram is highly recommended. It matters a LOT if you are running Star Citizen and background apps (Mumble,Discord,browsers,etc). Also if you are planning to maybe add 16GB more later, I can tell you from personal experience it can be a real pain getting a second pair to match exactly. In my case I bought two pair of Corsair ram separately with the SAME part number, but ends up they switched the controller between the runs, and XMP would fail every time. Recommend going no less than 3200Mhz, but if you find them instock there are good deals on 3600MHz. Prices go up stupidly above that though.

As for your SSDs, if you are gaming you find little if any noticeable difference between m.2 (NVMe) and sata drives. It matters more in production work, rendering huge videos and such, but not really in gaming.

So if budget is real constraint, kill the m.2 drive and get 32GB ram now. (or rob the m.2 from the laptop :wink: )

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Out of stock (or price gouged) everywhere but if you can wait for the backorders to come in, this is a solid recommendation.

I say rob the M2 from the laptop and have (2) M2s, that is what I currently have with a max up to 3.

And I had received a 32GB RAM kit for Christmas because yes it hard to match RAM adds with your current.

In general right this minute, I recommend staying away from AMD CPU’s for SC gaming builds. There just isn’t enough data to suggest that AMD can compete dollar for dollar on large single threaded games.

Right now the 10600k is still the best buy value wise for a pure gaming PC.

Once AMD 5xxx CPU’s become more readily available, we’ll likely have more data, but right this second data indicates that going Intel is still the best course for getting high FPS out of Star Citizen.

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