new computer

OK guys im thinking about getting a new computer sometime in the near future…
i have had the same computer for oh 4 just upgraded the video card from time to time…
whats out now need some recommendations of what i should get…

I suppose it depends on what your budget is going to be.

Depends on your budget. You can do a lot for $1000. I would recommend a 760 or 770 nvidia, with a higher end i5, 8 gigs of ram, and a solid state drive for your OS and a large HDD for your files. If your on team speak later we can bash out the specifics on there.

my budget is 1500-2000 maybe a little more for the right computer… and im in no hurry to upgrade… just looking for ideas…and i know we have some tech savvy people in this group… i myself not so much…


First, can you wait? Because unless there is a pressing need, I’d hold off on the new computer until closer to PU launch if at all possible… Prices will fall another 25% over the course of the next 12 months. So a $1500 computer today, will be $1100 a year from now.

If you have to go today… You’re going to want an Ivy Bridge i5 probably the 3570K, with a Cosair H-series cooler. I’d stay away from nvidia graphics cards, the fact is unless you’re buying the top of the line card, the ATI’s perform better dollar for dollar… memory you’re going to want 16-32 gigs of memory… I’d stay away from SSD’s and focus on SSHD’s these are only about 3% slower in real world workloads, and cost much less and have much more storage. For example a 2TB SSHD runs about $120-130.

I’d be happy to help you… Rob, and Hav0k can attest to my ability to build cheap systems that run very well and very fast.

oh yes it can wait my computer does just fine for what i do with it now… im in no rush at all to spend money lol

Why an SSD, when you can have an SSHD that is 2TB and is only 3% slower in real world uses? If I’m playing ArmA this month, it gets the speed boost, when I switch to SC next month, it caches on the ssd part of the drive and I get a boost in speed with it.

AS for the CPU, getting a 2500K/3570K/4670K all around $200-$240 is going to give you about the same performance as some $1000 chips… To quote from Tom’s Hardware:

It’s really hard to justify jumping up to a i7-4770K, when the money is probably better spent on a better cooler, motherboard, or video card. If you could find a deal on a 3770K for $250-260 it might be a good buy, even more so if you already have a motherboard that supports the chip.

Again, my advice wait until next year, we’ll know a lot more about multi-threaded support in the game and we’ll be able to make a rational decision about whether an i7 will be worth it…

I’d say get an AMD processor. Intel processors and compatible motherboards are instantly more expensive for insignificant gains. My tips are if you want 8 gb of ram, get two 4gb sticks. If you want 16gb of ram, get 2 8gb if you want, but better is four 4gb sticks. The reason for this is dual channel. Bottlenecks are heavily in the hard drives, Id get a SSD for OS, SSD for your primary games, and a HDD for your other files, secondary games/ software.

Couple of things.

  1. What do we have now? And are we happy with it now? How much can you cannibalize out of your current PC to a new one? Financially, its better to wait till you “need” to change then you “want” to change. If you current setup works for your current set of games, then let it be. Find a low risk account, put the money in it, and get few bucks in interest while you wait. This game will be a while, so grab some popcorn and avoid the General Chat forum on RSI… :slight_smile:

  2. Memory. I hate 4gig DIMMs. Reasoning. Small DIMMS takes a device that maxes out and 32gb of memory and makes you toss memory to the side that you have already purchased if you want to hit 32GB in the future. Which is money that should have been spent on your GFX card. And memory is one of those easy items to upgrade on a PC that is showing its age. I like 8 gig DIMMs in pairs and just pick up a solid, lifetime warranty, name brand DDR3-1600 set(s). Most of the time anything more (speed) just isn’t worth the $$ you pay for it.

  3. CPU, i7 is really overkill for most current titles and debatable for future titles. i5 3570k and 4670k is pretty much the sweet spot right now in the Intel camp. If money is no object, the by all means, i7 it up, but if money is an object, your better spending your cash on the graphics card. If your using VMware more the your planning on overclocking then stick with the non-K chips, but that is a small small market.

  4. GFX? Each company has its strengths and its weaknesses and depending on where they are in their production cycle, one may be better than the others. AMD (I still type this ATi, damn you AMD) is leading the pack for “value” in the Mid-High bracket, which I assume you will be ending up. Personally, I’m Nvidia happy at current, but next year when the next upgrade period hits, I’m perfectly happy jumping ship if AMD refines the Hawaii based cards and keeps the drivers up. I believe a NV 680 or equivalent is where you want to be come launch, so just that as a benchmark.

  5. Storage, SSHD, SSD + Larger HD, or 1 big SSD, you can’t really go wrong. Its just how much are you willing to pay. At the very least get a Hybrid SSHD. Here’s another place where it might be worth waiting (storage prices do go down over time), or saving some money here to put toward a better GFX card. Even then, i don’t like keeping data you like on 1 device, and cheap USB memory sticks don’t count.

  6. Don’t forget a stable well reviewed brand of power supplies and don’t go all out on a “gamer” Mainboard. I personally can’t see spending over 180 and even that’s pushing it. And look toward micro-ATX if you are not thinking tri-SLI or Crossfire. Currently favoring Gigabyte as the cheap Asus units have been annoying me recently. Was an Asus fan for years, before that Abit. Some of the value Asus units cut more corners that need to be cut and just are not the value they should be. On the flip side, Asus’s $200+ boards, are damn, damn pretty.