New Computer issues

Hello all thanks for looking at this post. I built a gaming rig with Win 10 pro, 5820k, 32gb ram, MSI x99a gaming 9 ack, MSI GTX 1070. I have win10 on an ssd drive and everything else on a 3tb WD hhd. System normally boots fine (and Star Citizen seems to run fine) but if I use the OC button on the motherboard the computer will cycle on and off every 10 seconds or so repeatedly. Also if I use the OC mode on MSI gaming app it will do the same thing. ( also I don’t know if this is related or not but if I load a large program like Fallout 4 on my 3tb hdd from steam it will get to about 75% of the download and then the computer will turn off by itself. This only seems to happen on very large programs as I have loaded about 20 others with no problems but every time I download a large one it turns off.)

Test your memory see if all the chips are good.

Thanks for reply! I did and they test fine…

What did you use to test them?

what kind of PSU are you running on that machine? Constant power cycling in high-performance mode sometimes indicates a power issue.

it can, but since its because of a “standard overclock setting” on motherboard i think its the settings that causes it, mainly ram clock speeds.

I am with jayC on this, that it smells of some sort of memory issue in both cases.

For oc i would manully oc the system, test it in super PI or another stability program write the settings down where you have a stable system when OC’ed then change the standard oc settings in bios for your “oc buttom”

have you checked if the sytems register all ram modules and uses them?

Have you connected the six-pin auxiliary power cable to the motherboard? (not just the larger 20pin with the single +12v)
The one normally located above the cpu, for when your mboard draws more than 24a of +5v power.