New Computer for a Friend

My friend is building a new computer and is looking for advice on his computer here is what he has so far.

Link: … IJ1Q%3d%3d

Thanks in advance.

Darkmyth is this just a gaming rig or does he have other things he plans to do with it? I’m going to assume gaming rig, but if not disregard and I’ll provide input with the updated information.

  1. Go with a H110 or H115 cooler instead, for i7 chips and overclocking, it’s worth the extra money.

  2. The 860 EVO is no faster than a standard SSD, if he doesn’t need the speed save money and buy the 2.5" format 1TB for $30 less, it’s just as fast. If he wants a faster M.2 drive he needs to spend money on the 960 EVO, but again I’d question the need.

  3. WD black is a waste of money, just get a regular 4TB HDD for storage or other software for under $100 USD instead.

  4. He seems to be missing a case, power supply, and other odds and ends.

Thanks it is a gaming rig. He already has an 850w power supply and a case so that’s why it’s not listed. The one I was wondering about is if this is the correct motherboard or if he should go with a cheaper one?

Board looks good. I normally recommend and been recommended the ASUS Prime series. Specs mostly the same, but the TUF series seems to be geared more toward 24/7 usage. So, in theory heavier duty components (Caps, VRM, etc). Don’t know if this just marketing fluff or not though. Price difference is negligible. … 13-119-041